Prepare for the season ahead and set yourself apart from the competition. Perfect for all ages and abilities, our youth performance training programs allow athletes of all levels to have fun, compete, and develop in a positive environment. Regardless of goals, we have created athlete specific training programs which can be tailored to address each individual athlete's strengths and deficiencies while pushing them past their previous limits!



Small Group Training

Small group training (our most popular choice!) is a great solution for athletes who are looking for a high energy, cost effective and positive training environment to assist in reaching their short term and long term goals! Classes usually range between 6 -12 athletes and focus specifically on Athlete Readiness, Explosiveness/Power Development, Speed Mechanics, Strength & Stability, Flexibility, Conditioning & Sports Recovery!


Partner Training

Partner training is perfect for siblings, teammates and athlete groups who prefer to train together without the stress of others being added to the session. By eliminating the possibility of others joining your group, it allows for greater customization and quality control of the tailored program.

Private Training

Individuals desiring more specific attention to their own unique goals will benefit from our fully customizable private coaching programs. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete or simply looking to improve your current fitness and athletic levels our 1-on-1 training options can be completely tailored to fit your needs. Sessions will be designed to challenge your mind and body in an effort to assist you in reaching your personal goals.


Team Training

The success of an athlete transcends well beyond the work they put at their team training. Allow us optimize your team's in-season and off-season performance with training programs designed specifically for their needs! Through our team training programs, athletes will develop the sport-specific movements, functional strength and athleticism needed to stay healthy for maximum performance throughout the year while also learning proper injury prevention techniques. 

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Grades 3-5


During these years, athletes are typically experiencing many developmental changes within their own bodies. Our FOOTHILLS program is designed for athletes looking to establish a healthy foundation of athletic coordination and body mechanics in preparation for those inevitable growth spurts. 


Grades 6-8


For athletes with a desire to take the leap into high school athletics, our ALPINE program is designed to  build a strong foundation for strength, speed and conditioning while also focusing on establishing proper movement patterns with a strong concentration on injury prevention.


Grades 9-12


For the busy life of a high school athlete, our SUMMIT program is designed to focus on strength, power, acceleration, max velocity, cross over speed and mobility. Not only will this program test the mental and physical toughness of our athletes, but it is a great resource for understanding how to maintain your body as well.


Grades 12+


For the more advanced athletes, our APEX program is designed to focus on strength, power, acceleration, max velocity, cross over speed and mobility. This program will also focus on cognitive challenges, spacial awareness and breaking down personal barriers to reach your peak potential.



Capstone Performance Training is focused on providing customized programs and services to assist our community to reach their peak. Please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be in touch shortly to schedule your free consultation. 

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