Grades 12+


For the more advanced athletes, our APEX program is designed to focus on strength, power, acceleration, max velocity, cross over speed and mobility. This program will also focus on cognitive challenges, spacial awareness and breaking down personal barriers to reach your peak potential.


Grades 9-12


For the busy life of a high school athlete, our SUMMIT program is designed to focus on strength, power, acceleration, max velocity, cross over speed and mobility. Not only will this program test the mental and physical toughness of our athletes, but it is a great resource for understanding how to maintain your body as well.


Grades 6-8


For athletes with a desire to take the leap into high school athletics, our ALPINE program is designed to  build a strong foundation for strength, speed and conditioning while also focusing on establishing proper movement patterns with a strong concentration on injury prevention.


Grades 3-5


During these years, athletes are typically experiencing many developmental changes within their own bodies. Our FOOTHILLS program is designed for athletes looking to establish a healthy foundation of athletic coordination and body mechanics in preparation for those inevitable growth spurts. 


Grades 1-2


Designed for athletes at the earliest stages of development, our LITTLE CLIMBERS classes are a great introduction into exploring movement while having fun! With a strong focus on balance, body control and coordination our program is designed to keep our youngest athletes engaged through safe, exciting exercises such as relay races, obstacle courses and tag games!


The fundamentals of barbell movements are essential for athletic development.  Furthermore, proper instruction and training environment is of the utmost importance for injury prevention during this process. Focusing more heavily on form and proper mechanics, our “Intro to Barbell” class is a fantastic resource for learning Olympic style lifts such as Deadlift, Bench press, Front/back squat and Cleans safely at your own pace.


Must be proficient in fundamental body weight movements such as Box Jumps, Push-Ups, Squats, TRX Rows, etc. 

 Optimize your team's in-season and off-season work with Capstone Performance Training programs, customized and designed specifically for your team's! Our knowledgeable performance coaches will use a variety of functional sport-specific, resisted and bodyweight movements to help exceed your team’s goals.

Designed to pair performance athletes together to create a fun, competitive, and informative workout. Athletes will be paired upon request, typically among teammates or friends, so the session drives towards the best outcome for each athlete. Sessions will be designed specifically to meet the small group’s needs.

Athletes desiring more specific attention to their individual goals benefit from our fully customized individual coaching. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete or looking to improve your overall fitness level, these sessions are for you. Sessions will be designed to your personal needs and will challenge the mind and body to achieve exceptional athletic growth and performance.


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Youth Group


1x/week - $159/mo

(4 Sessions/mo)

2x/week - $279/mo

(8 Sessions/mo)

3x/week - $359/mo

(12 Sessions/mo)

Youth Group Session


  Single Session -


*Please note that Memberships are month to month and can be cancelled at any time 

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