How do I create a new account?

From Web Browser:

1. In the upper right hand corner please select the red “Create Account” Button 
2. Click Blue box which reads,” Please click here to get started”
3. Please fill in Client Information and Billing Information, Click “Next”
4. Please read, complete, acknowledge waiver
5. Once account created, please confirm information on Profile page and ADD FAMILY  MEMBERS at this time (if adding children)
8. Click Save

From Mobile App:

1. Please download the Capstone Performance Training app from the Apple or Google play store

2. Please scroll down and click "Register"

3. Please complete profile screen

4. Please specify Birthday, Gender and fill Emergency Contact info & Reference

5. Agree to terms and conditions

6. Click "Submit"

**Please Note that Accounts are unique to 1 person! If creating an account with Family Members, please follow the directions above "From Web Browser"**

**If you have multiple members under one account, Mobile App requires each member to have their own Login Information!**

How do I purchase sessions?


From Web Browser:

Purchasing ​Training Packages

How do I sign up for classes?

From: MindBody Online

From: Mobile Application

How do I add my child to my account?

  1. Log Into your Mindbody account

  2. On the right side of your screen, find the “Family Members” section

  3. Select “Add Family Member”

  4. Fill in all fields (Make sure to specify Relationship and “Paid For” options)

  5. Select Save

What is the cancellation policy?

Morning Class (5:30 am-12:00 pm) reservations MUST be cancelled by 7pm the night before to avoid being charged a session credit.


Evening Class (3:15pm-7:00pm) reservations MUST be cancelled by 9am the day of to avoid being charged a session credit.

All Membership Cancellations must be made in writing, 7 days prior to re-occurring payment to avoid being charged for the upcoming month.