Athletes needing more specific attention that can't be met in a group setting. Whether you are a highly competitive athlete or looking to improve your overall fitness level, these sessions are for you. Sessions will be designed to your personal needs and will elevate your level of performance to new heights.

Athletes will go through rigorous performance assessments to obtain a baseline of their sports performance. Our actionable baseline report helps the athlete focus on specific areas of impact: How can the athlete achieve the greatest improvement in their sport and in doing so, avoid unnecessary injury. Further monitoring and follow-up assessments will track the athlete’s progress in the identified areas of focus.

Capstone Soccer is Northern Virginia’s newest and premier private soccer training company. Founded and lead by former D-1 soccer players Torey Beiro and Rahul Chaudhry, Capstone Soccer was created to allow players of every level focus on individual deficiencies while developing in a more refined environment. With access to the widest array of tools, technologies and facilities available, Capstone Soccer can assist with all the main elements of the game including but not limited to individual skills & technique, position specific training, match analysis, player profiling, player exposure and soccer specific strength & conditioning programs.

Coming Soon: Online training programs!!




Allowing for the most personal training experience available, private training provides the opportunity for the greatest amount of customization and detailed feedback with the least amount of distraction. 


4-6 Athletes


Group training with a personal feel. Small group training offers far more ability for individual coaching assistance while still allowing athletes to develop in a competitive environment. Small groups offer the ability to work on additional game like scenarios such as 2v1s and 3v2s.



Capstone Soccer offers athletes interested in higher learning and developmental experiences the ability to break down personal game film and provides strategic advice to enhance the quality of match play. 

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Small Group Training


  • 60 minute technical training session

  • Homework (Memberships only)- juggling/dribbling challenges, Intelligym, TeamBuildr

  • Training sessions have different topics and are progressed based on the needs and goals of the group (tactical pad)

  • Access to study area

  • PlayerMaker use every session, Gold Cleats app for video share

1x/week - $179/mo

(4 Sessions/mo)

2x/week - $299/mo

(8 Sessions/mo)

Recovery Boot


  • 30 Minute Session

  • Industry Leading Technology

  • Recover Like The Pros!

1 Session - $20        

Unlimited - $99/mo 

Private Training


  • 60 minute technical training session

  • Homework- juggling/dribbling challenges, Intelligym, TeamBuildr

  • Exercise checklist for progress tracking

  • Customized sessions based on individual needs (tactical pad)

  • Access to study area

  • PlayerMaker use every session, Gold Cleats app for video share

  5 Sessions - $450

10 Sessions - $800

Capstone Elite


  • Unlimited 60 minute group sessions

  • Unlimited 30 minute recovery boot sessions

  • Capstone Soccer Gear bag

  • TeamBuildr account

  • PlayerMaker analysis


  Unlimited - $499