Mental skills coaches or sport psychologists are now an integral part of most high level collegiate and professional sport programs. In today’s world of high performance every team from high school and up has strength coaches looking to get the body stronger. Here at Capstone, we understand the importance of strengthening the mind at the same time, which is why we encourage our athletes to take part in one-on-one mental training or group mental training with our resident mental skills coach.


Now a mainstay in most professional sport organizations, mental performance training
is the next frontier in high performance. Through sport psychology mental skills, athletes can harness the power of the mind to improve performance on and off the field. Increasing confidence, sustaining focus and attention, performing under pressure, dealing with nervousness, improving emotional control, increasing motivation, and developing resilience are just some of the benefits that come from mental training. Created from the most current sport psychology research, our mental training program is Ideal for the youth athletes as it helps develop productive mental habits at an early age that can be utilized in sport as well as in the classroom


You don’t need to be an athlete to see the benefits of training like one. Mental skills training is about learning to use your mind in the most productive ways possible, so that you can lose weight, get more from your workouts, recover from injury, develop resilience and grit, become a better leader, or to simply be more confident. Our mental training program is created from the most current research from sport and performance psychology in order to help you achieve your goals faster and maintain success for longer.


The Golden State Warriors, Clemson Tigers Football, University of Maryland Soccer, The Seattle Seahawks, and every major league baseball team. What do they have in common? They all have on-staff mental skills coaches or sport psychologists. Through group mental skills training your team/group can learn the individual mental skills necessary for high performance or build the elements that make a great team, like effective communication, trust, cohesion, and leadership.

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