Our Inbody assessment provides a comprehensive view of body composition and proportionality. Going beyond simple body weight, our Inbody scan will break down the body’s composition into four separate components:  Water, Lean body mass, Body fat and Minerals. Using the method of quantitative analysis, these elements of body composition provide important information required for assessing the status of overall health. Furthermore, the Inbody scan may reveal specific muscle imbalances within the body that if left unaddressed may lead to potential future injuries due to the body either over compensating or under compensating for the weaker side.

Single Scan

Price: $25

5x Scan package

Price: $100


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Playermaker is the premier data collection system when it comes to soccer development. Unique motion sensors on a player’s boot provide a significantly larger dataset than any other product EVER created. Playermaker straps can detect every ball touch, build accurate gait profiles, help prevent injury, detect outlier players and optimize training – WITHOUT affecting performance.  Key Performance Indicators include but are not limited to number of touches, left vs. right foot comparison, time on the ball, playing tempo, distance covered and work rate. This is the perfect device for sport coaches and sports scientists to come together to improve athlete performance.  


In the world of athletic testing it is essential to utilize a system that is accurate to the finest detail, while also versatile enough to setup and complete multiple testing environments in a short period of time. Fusion Sport Smart Speed timing gates is an easy to use system that allows coaches to test many aspects of athleticism including agility, plyometrics , straight line and reactive level speeds. Trusted by the NFL, CFL and NBA Fusion Sport Smart Speed timing gates utilizes laser technology allowing for the most accurate data collection opportunity on the market. 


TeamBuildr is a mobile app that allows our coaches to design strength training or return to play programs for athletes outside of our walls. TeamBuildr gives us the ability to send workouts remotely containing videos and description of the exercises that members can complete regardless of time or location. Additionally, TeamBuildr gives us the ability to track wellness questions, rate perceived exertion and session duration thus allowing us the luxury of gathering additional data. These metrics play a significant role for tracking athletes overtime to ensure that they are performing and continuing to train at their absolute best. 


GPS devices are one of the more premier types of technology that is used in tracking athletic performance. By removing guessing from the equation, no longer do coaches have to wonder if their athletes are OVER or UNDER training. GPS pods are a small device that can be worn in a compression vest during practice or competition. Collecting a variety of metrics including but not limited to Distance, Hi Speed Running, Accelerations and Decelerations, we have the ability to analyze the data in depth to properly match training loads and intensities to what that athletes needs on any given day. Ultimately with technology such as this, it will allow are athletes to stay healthier and train at peak performance throughout the season.


Tracking heart rate during a workout is an excellent tool to monitor intensity of training. It allows the client to be fully aware of the effort they are putting into training at all times. In the world of wearable technology heart rate is readily available. Our interactive technology makes it possible to deliver your heart rate data and performance metrics in real-time. From the moment you step in our gym, your wearable device will seamlessly connect and your workout stats will be made available to you post training directly through our Capstone Performance Training App. Don't go another day without truly knowing and tracking the work you put in!


Just Jump Mat technology is a device that allows us to test Vertical Jump, Ground Contact time and Explosive leg Power Rating. These metrics are critical when evaluating athletes overall lower body power. The Hand-held computer displays height and hang time for one jump and average ground contact, height and hang time for four jumps. 
Computes foot quickness (shuttle runs and dashes) and explosive leg power rating. Records 60 jumps, then averages heights, contact times and leg power for first and last 15 jumps, in addition to a fatigue factor rating. Has been shown to be more accurate than the Vertec Vertical jump system.